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Pipe length is the distance from the exhaust side of the piston to the start of the divergent (first) cone.  On straight, 30°, and 90° bend pipes the first cone does not start at the first weld.  The first cone extends into the flex cup ~1/2".  If you measure to the end of the flex/connector tube before installing the pipe, you will have the correct pipe length as the end of the flex stops against the first cone.


PIPE MODEL BLIMP 101 PRO 80 PRO 81-82 SRV YAM/TKM SM Can 200 2.(Dot)
Engine Type              
Mc Culloch 80cc Rookie 12-12.5            
Yamaha Restricted and Rookie 12-12.5 11-11.5    12-12.5            
Yamaha Piston Valve 9.75-10.25       10.5-11 9.5-10 9.5-10
Stock 100cc Reed 9.75-10.25       9.5-10 10-10.5 10-10.5
Stock 100cc Rotary Valve         9.5-10 10-10.5 10-10.5
Syock 100cc McCulloch 10-10.5            
Modified 100cc McCulloch              
101/125cc McCulloch   10.5-11          
Stock Appearing     8.5-9 8.5-9      
100cc Open     8-8.5 8-8.5      
135cc Open     9-9.5 9-9.5