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Racing Enthusiasts,

RLV is a hands on, owner and employee involved company. RLV's goals include increased participation, user friendly products, noise level reduction, and the pursuit of high technology 2 and 4 cycle karting products. RLV offers a complete line of high quality exhaust products, silencers and many other quality karting products.

RLV designs, tests and develops all of its products in-house. RLV's own testing equipment includes complete flow bench facilities, an inertia dyno, and a matched pair of computer driven static load dynos. After these products have passed careful scrutiny, they are thoroughly track tested by dozens of proven karting champions, as well as the emerging club racer. RLV then collects, compiles and analyzes the data. If the results meet the previously defined criteria, the product is then put into production.

RLV manufactures all steel and aluminum based products in-house and thereby ensures high quality and stability of supply to the karting market for these products.

Once a product clears testing and manufacturing, it is ready for the race enthusiasts. RLV believes that to properly serve the racing public, an important principle must be upheld:

RLV supports a dealer network and does not sell direct. RLV believes that this ensures an ample supply of product nationally and internationally. This approach ensures readily available technical information and support for RLV product users.

RLV is more than an engineering and manufacturing facility. RLV supports and promotes karting by sponsoring club, regional, and national racing coast to coast.

Ultimately, RLV wishes to make karting less complicated with products that are more user friendly, quieter, and most of all, fun and enjoyable. Having said that, RLV wishes everyone good luck, have fun and be safe.


Best Regards!